The Chinese Photobook

The Chinese Photobook, exposition itinérante conçue à partir des collections de Martin Parr et  de WassinkLundgren, avec des textes de Gu Zheng, Raymond Lum, Ruben Lundgren, Stephanie H. Tung, et Gerry Badger.

The Chinese Photobook at The Photographers’ Gallery from The Photographers’ Gallery on Vimeo.

Martin Parr & WassinkLundgren, The Chinese Photobook from Les Rencontres d’Arles on Vimeo.

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Atelier bicyclette en bambou de Pékin

A Pékin, Bamboo Bicycles Beijing, un atelier de fabrication de vélo en bambou fondé en 2013, propose à ses clients de fabriquer leur propre bicyclette, en seulement deux jours.

Not more than a decade ago, the streets of Beijing were clogged by traffic from millions of bicycles, and few cars could be seen on the roads. Today, the opposite is true and China’s capital city has practically become a graveyard for rusty bicycles.

The bicycles still in use must now compete for space alongside the thousands of electric bikes and cars that also use the city’s famous cycle lanes that line both sides of most roads.

Founded in 2013, Bamboo Bicycles Beijing is a workshop that attempts to renew interest in the traditional Beijing bicycle by putting a new, more sustainable spin on its frame.

“David Wang, founder of Bamboo Bicycles Beijing, said that he was inspired to found the workshop after finding piles of old, rusted bicycles in Beijing no longer in use”
The workshop, which is located in a traditional Beijing alleyway known as a Hutong, offers participants the chance to build their own bamboo-framed bicycles out of raw bamboo.

The end-product is not only more environmentally sustainable, but also considerably lighter, more agile and more shock-absorbent than most other bicycles.

Steve Ngo, a cooordinator for Bamboo Bicycles Beijing and workshop instructor, said that the workshop started small but has gradually attracted interest over time.

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Un artiste français illumine un village proche de Shanghai

Julien Malland paints on a wall in Fengjing town in suburban Shanghai.

French street artist Julien Seth Malland brightens up dark corners of the Earth with his colorful creations. He has now turned his attention to a Shanghai village.


Zhang Kun reports.

Julien Seth Malland calls himself a street artist, but since April 8 he has been painting the wall of a pigsty in suburban Shanghai’s Wuxing village.

Malland, from France, has been painting in the streets, ruins and public places since the mid-1990s. The 42-year Parisian has now turned his focus to Fengjing town of Jinshan district, a western suburb of Shanghai. He will spend two to three weeks creating 10 paintings in the village.

Malland has been invited by Nippon China, a paint company, to create artworks as part of a charity initiative. Volunteer participants will trek 50 kilometers on May 16, to raise money for children in need in China’s underprivileged areas. Malland is going to create 10 paintings on the houses and buildings along the way.

The pigs eat their slops and dig in the mud inside the sty, while Malland paints the outside using the wall as his canvas. A picture of a boy in a sitting position holding his knees is gradually taking shape on one wall, while on another, Malland has painted a boy in a padded jacket, flying a kite in the shape of a centipede. The bright green jacket incorporates an oil cloth that covers the pigsty window, giving the image a rich and vivid texture.


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Fuite après une explosion chimique

Photo surréaliste qui montre des villageois du Fujian évacuant une divinité locale après une explosion chimique.


Photo surréaliste qui montre des villageois du Fujian évacuant une divité locale après une explosion chimique, pendant qu’un couple fuit en moto avec quelques baggages. Continuer la lecture de « Fuite après une explosion chimique »

Le regard d’un Français à Beijing dans les années 80

Photos de Yann Layma.


Deux jeunes filles portent une écharpe de gaze sur la tête pour se protéger du vent printanier à Bejing, 1985. Continuer la lecture de « Le regard d’un Français à Beijing dans les années 80 »

Beijing – The Masked City

From the old to the young, all ages can now be found sporting masks of various shapes, sizes and colours.

A young couple, Kelly Lu and Yanding Li, hold hands during a walk through Beijing’s Olympic Park. “I’m pretty sad about this. It’s worse and worse”, explains Li. “I think the pollution is bad for our health.

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Liyuan library/ 篱苑书屋

Liyuan library/ 篱苑书屋 une bibliothèque en bois à Huairou dans la banlieue de Pékin conçue en 2011 par Li Xiaodong 李晓东 architecte formé à l’université de Tsinghua.


Liyuan library/ 篱苑书屋 une bibliothèque en bois à Huairou dans la banlieue de Pékin conçue en 2011 par Li Xiaodong 李晓东 architecte formé à l’université de Tsinghua. Continuer la lecture de « Liyuan library/ 篱苑书屋 »

Flower Show

Saluons l’arrivée du printemps avec les images de Paul Yeung, exposées à Hong Kong en 2012.


Paul Yeung graduated from the Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2011. In 2011, he participated in “Count to 12”, a part of “The Road to 2012” project commissioned by and exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London. He had his first solo exhibition “Flower Show” at Blindspot Gallery in March 2012. Yeung now lives and works in Hong Kong.

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