Village de migrants près de Canton

Le village de Jiangxia 江夏村 se situe près de Canton, sur la ligne de métro numéro 2. C’est un endroit où vivent des dizaines de milliers de migrants. On voir ici un mur avec de nombreuses petites annonces, la plupart pour des logements, mais parfois aussi pour des petits ateliers.

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Un artiste français illumine un village proche de Shanghai

Julien Malland paints on a wall in Fengjing town in suburban Shanghai.

French street artist Julien Seth Malland brightens up dark corners of the Earth with his colorful creations. He has now turned his attention to a Shanghai village.


Zhang Kun reports.

Julien Seth Malland calls himself a street artist, but since April 8 he has been painting the wall of a pigsty in suburban Shanghai’s Wuxing village.

Malland, from France, has been painting in the streets, ruins and public places since the mid-1990s. The 42-year Parisian has now turned his focus to Fengjing town of Jinshan district, a western suburb of Shanghai. He will spend two to three weeks creating 10 paintings in the village.

Malland has been invited by Nippon China, a paint company, to create artworks as part of a charity initiative. Volunteer participants will trek 50 kilometers on May 16, to raise money for children in need in China’s underprivileged areas. Malland is going to create 10 paintings on the houses and buildings along the way.

The pigs eat their slops and dig in the mud inside the sty, while Malland paints the outside using the wall as his canvas. A picture of a boy in a sitting position holding his knees is gradually taking shape on one wall, while on another, Malland has painted a boy in a padded jacket, flying a kite in the shape of a centipede. The bright green jacket incorporates an oil cloth that covers the pigsty window, giving the image a rich and vivid texture.


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Gold and silver notes for the Year of the Goat

A staff member shows gold notes marking the Year of the Goat in Chinese Lunar Calendar at a bank in Taiyuan, North China’s Shanxi province, Jan 5, 2015. [Photo: China News Service/Zhang Yun]

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